Pierce Buckley
Counselling & Psychotherapy. Tuition On Personality formation. Consultancy on behaviour, and the crime switch.
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My Services.

1. Counselling:  Relationship, parenting, behaviour, depression and the emotional aspects of most disorder. Addiction, Compulsion, Motivation, Bereavement and most human issues.

2. Consultancy on Parenting, Behaviour and how we create crime doers.

3. Transition year Students - Presentation about how we learn and form personality. This has been very well received.

4. Tuition on The motivation system, and the process of personality formation.

5.  Attunement  & Transformational Parenting  - Group (a free activity of the Forty Shades Of Love Project).

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Counselling & Psychotherapy
Parenting and Behaviour
Transition year Student Presentations
Tutoring In Affect Script Psychology