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Counselling & Psychotherapy. Tuition On Personality formation. Consultancy on behaviour, and the crime switch.
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Counselling is about forming a safe working relationship where the client is the most important person.
To date my relationship with each and all of my clients has been very good.

It is a bit like a match - analysing alone will not get the ball into the net, it is emotion that does it,
but thinking is necessary also - not to mention the hurley! The correct mix is important.

Generally the relationship is the most important part.
I have studied many models and approaches and learn from all, mindful that each person's history is different.

My experience stems from near forty years of therapeutic involvement with people, including teenagers.
While my experience is important, my style is about me being genuine, caring, and having all due regard for you,
and I share for your benefit - you deserve that.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         When we are on a journey of self discovery we find it invigorating and liberating.

That is my wish for you also.

Best Regards Pierce

My qualification is BSc. Hons Counselling and Psychotherapy, MIACP.


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